Meet The Staff

Peaceful Partings is owned by Missy Jenkins, CVT

Missy started her career in Veterinary Medicine in Atlanta, GA in 1992. She earned her certification in Veterinary technology in 1999. After completing her business degree in 2002, she met her husband Jason Jenkins, who is an active duty aviator with the US Army. In 2004 they moved to Colorado and decided to call this their forever home.

Experienced in Animal Care and Euthanasia Services

Missy gained valuable experience in pet euthanasia as a technician to Dr. Jodi Freifeld, who started Peaceful Partings in 2007. Dr. Freifeld relocated to Kansas in June 2009. At that time, Missy purchased the business, after seeing how many families they had been able to help. Peaceful Partings allowed families to be in their own home when their pet was ready to cross the rainbow bridge.

Helping you through a Very difficult Process

Throughout her career, Missy has helped many pet owners, like you, through their difficult loss. She and all of her staff understand the benefits of helping people & pets in their own homes.

Caring Members of Our Staff

Helping you through a Very difficult Process

Has worked with Peaceful Partings since 2010 and in her spare time also helps out as a relief doctor in local veterinary clinics.

The proud owner of Pikes Peak Weimaraners, Dr. Novosad travels to dog shows throughout the country, and has developed a handy first aid kit that she sells nationally. The kits are designed to help pet owners with minor emergencies.

Dr. Katrina Quinn

Dr. Quinn is a Colorado Springs native. She was raised in an Air Force family and has lived in several states as well as overseas. She attended veterinary school at Mississippi State University and now works as a relief veterinarian at clinics and shelters across Colorado. She feels that easing the pain you and your pet are experiencing is the most important gift a veterinarian can provide. She appreciates the opportunity to meet your special baby in the comfort of their own home.

Dr. Deb Germeroth

Dr. Deb Germeroth

Dr. Germeroth is a graduate of UCDavis and has followed many paths in her veterinary career. She has worked with the dogs on the Iditarod, injured animals in Wild Alaska, and a multi facet of animals in her own practice over 25 years. She is the doctor in charge at the Pueblo Raptor Center and volunteer at the Fountain and Bear Creek nature centers. She has retired from her practice but still works part time helping clients with their pet’s passing in the comfort of their home. She understands that these last moments should not be stressful for the pet and their owner and knows how important their bond is during this time.
In her spare time, Dr. G is an avid hiker and loves to travel the world. She is a foodie and looks to always support local restaurants in the area.

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