Required Consent Form

Once you are ready to request an appointment, please fill out our consent form and you may email it to us at or text to us at 719-205-6003. Please call us to confirm we received the form and confirm we have availability during the requested appointment time.

Guidelines to Help Assess Quality of Life

Please complete this form with your and your pet’s basic information so that we may effectively and efficiently provide the service you deserve!

Why Can I Only Request, And Not Schedule An Appintment Online?

We are committed to providing the very best service, on a first come, first serve basis.

The service we provide requires a great deal of care and human touch that cannot be fully automated.

Once we confirm your appointment on the phone, we are committing to the best service that we can possibly provide. When we call to confirm, we learn things that may make the appointment take longer to provide this level of service. Some of these things include there being multiple pets, travel time out-of-town, and otherwise unforeseen or particularly sensitive circumstances.

If you see availability on our calendar, that means we can most-likely schedule with you within a reasonable time of what you are seeing. This is important because if we don’t have any availability, we want you to know right away so that you can find another provider. But the exact details and timing of your appointment is not confirmed until we call you and collect a deposit.

Request an Appointment Online

Please Only Request One Appointment Slot

If you request an appointment through our online booking, please remember that no appointments are confirmed until we speak with you on the phone and you have submitted the Consent Form along with your $50 deposit. We will ask for your credit card for deposit payment when we call to make your appointment.

Before calling and scheduling or requesting an appointment online, you must submit the online consent forms above via email at or text the consent form to us at 719-205-6003.

If you would like to schedule an in home euthanasia service, please call us so we may obtain all your information and your pet information. There is a $50.00 deposit required to set appointments. This fee is non-refundable and is charged if there is a change or cancellation for any reason.

If a change or cancellation occurs for any reason, less than 2 hours before appointment, an additional $100 fee is charged.

For multiple pets, we charge a $117 fee per additional pet.

In-town Euthanasia Services

  • $277 include the following zip codes:
  • 903 -907, 909 – 911, 915 – 920, 919 (excludes USAFA), 922 – 924, 927, 938, 939, 951

Out of town Euthanasia Services

  • $317 include the following zip codes:
  • 106, 132, 133, 809, 817, 819, 829, 831, 840, 841, 863, 902, 908, 912 – 914, 919 (USAFA), 921, 925, 926, 928, 929, 930

Extended Euthanasia Services

  • $372 include the following zip codes:
  • 001 – 008, 118, 808, 814, 816, 832, 930

*Additional Pet Euthanasia services may be performed. Cost $117.00 per pet.

*If your pet passes, pick up services may be performed by appointment. In town $57.00 Out of town $77.00 Extended $122.00

Cremation Prices

New urns pic
custom urns

Cremation Prices

Ashes are spread on private property in Eastern El Paso County


Individual Cremations

Includes choice of 3 types of urn and clay imprint


Additional Services

If you’d like to witness the cremation, please add $85.00 to the cremation price. Witnessed cremations must be scheduled with Peaceful Memorials Pet Crematory.

  • Ruminants are a surcharge of $85.00
  • Additional Urns $35.00
  • Name Plate $15.00
  • Clay Paw Prints $27.00
  • Ink Prints $17.00
  • Fur Clippings $2.00
  • After Hours Fee $45.00

Custom ordered urns are priced from, plus shipping fees and $25 ordering fee.

If you’d like us to pick up your pet’s body without performing euthanasia services, it is $55 for in-town areas, $80 for out of town areas and this is not available for extended areas.

If you wish to have ashes returned to you there is an additional fee of: $25 for in-town areas, $35 for out of town areas and this is not available for extended areas.
Otherwise ashes may be picked up at Peaceful Memorials Pet Crematory.

We are a completely mobile service, if you want to contact us via our website, please allow up to 48hrs for a response. If you need immediate service, please call.

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